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  1. WEBINAR 9/25 on The Next SCRIPT Version: What is Changing, What to Expect, and What to Do About It

    As the industry prepares for the January 1, 2020, implementation date for SCRIPT v2017071, many ePrescribing vendors have started devising their product update plans.

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  2. WG18 Specialty Pharmacy Feedback Requested

    In preparation for the next WG18 meeting and to provide guidance to the existing and newly formed task groups, the WG18 co-chairs feel it is valuable to collect feedback and priorities from NCPDP members. 

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  3. Specialty Pharmacy Data Exchange Task Group Seeks Participation

    The Specialty Pharmacy Data Exchange Sub-Task Group, formally part of WG7, has officially migrated to WG18 to expand use case development opportunities to facilitate data exchange between specialty pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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  4. Update Your Telecommunication D.0 Standard Values Easily with NCPDP Standards Table Data

    With the October 15, 2018, annual Telecommunication ECL implementation just around the corner, the NCPDP Standards Table Data product provides a cost-effective solution for updating the values required as part of the ECL implementation.

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  5. Webinar 9/18: What is XML and How is it Used in ePrescribing?

    Learn more about how NCPDP’s SCRIPT Standard is developed and how Extensible Markup Language, or XML, is used in ePrescribing standards.

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