Due to reported issues with the 2017071 schema, Version 20170712 has been republished. The issues corrected included:

    • Annotations for the following elements were modified:
      • FinalCompoundPharmaceuticalDosageForm
      • RxFill/MedicationDispensed
      • Prescriber/Specialty
    • Corrected the following typos:
      • ClinicalInfoTypesRequested/
      • OtherMedicationDateQualifier/
    • Corrected issues FollowUpPrescriber/Identification making it optional with a max repeat of 1.
    • Removed SelfAdministrationAllowed from all medications complex types.
    • Corrected FillStatus/PartiallyFilled/ReasonCode to point to ReasonCode21.
    The examples headers were updated to reflect the use of transport.xsd and the versions were updated to 20170712. In the SCRIPT Standard Examples Guide the compound examples (1.25.1-1.25.4) were updated to reflect the DrugDescription as the prescriber common name for the compound. In addition the tables for these examples were also updated. The republication is available in the Member Portal of the NCPDP website, under Standards Lookup.

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