resQ™ now with 20,000+ credentialed independent and chain pharmacy profiles

    NCPDP’s resQ™ Pharmacy Credentialing Resource can help reduce time ad resources needed to achieve compliance with CMS Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), specifically 42 CFR 455.104, 455.105 and 455.106 that require providers who are entering into or renewing a provider agreement to disclose to managed care organizations that contract with Medicare/Medicaid Agencies:

    • all owners with a controlling interest of 5% or greater;
    • certain business transactions as described in 42 CFR 455.105; and
    • the identity of any excluded individual or entity with an ownership or controlling interest in the provider, the provider group, or disclosing entity who is an agent or managing employee of the provider group or entity. 
    Containing over 20,220 credentialed independent and chain pharmacy profiles and adding 1,000 new pharmacies’ credentials and disclosure information monthly, resQ™ offers secure and current pharmacy information that streamlines credentialing and compliance data collection efforts, improves network directories and expedites claims processing and adjudication.
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