All dataQ v3.0 subscribers are being upgraded to dataQ v3.1 at their 2018 subscription renewal date.  The upgraded dataQ® v3.1 license subscription is being offered at no additional cost.

    dataQ v3.1 includes the addition of one new table/file in the standardized file set containing new fields pertaining to the electronic Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA) Attestation.  The FWA Training Attestation Form has been part of the NCPDP online Pharmacy Profile since September 2016. The Attestation Form was an NCPDP initiative that was developed through WG9 using our collaborative and consensus-based process that included participation and representation by all impacted stakeholders. The Attestation allows pharmacies to confirm that all pharmacy employees who have been identified as being directly or indirectly involved with the administration or delivery of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit, including pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have completed the Annual Medicare Part D Compliance / Fraud, Waste & Abuse Training as mandated by CMS.  The positive response and completion rate from the Pharmacies has been overwhelming:  

    • 76% of the Independent Pharmacies;
    • 85%  of Chain Pharmacies;
    • 83% of Franchise Pharmacies;
    • 27%  of Government Pharmacies; and
    • 39%  of Alternate Dispensing Sites.
    Additionally, dataQ v3.1 includes modifications to the store hours format to include half-hourly times to provide more accurate open and close times for pharmacies.
    Want to upgrade to dataQ v3.1 now? Email Mia Ricci to begin the upgrade process, or to learn more about NCPDP’s other data solutions available to our members.

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