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  1. August Work Group Meeting Materials Available Online

    An overview of work group materials is available online. Attendees are encouraged to review and print the work group materials prior to the work group meetings, as they will not be distributed onsite.

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  2. Telecommunication Standard Implementation Guides Republished

    Versions E9, EB, F2 and F3 of the Telecommunication Standard Implementation Guide were republished to correct the field size for Prior Authorization ID Submitted (462-EV) and Prior Authorization ID Assigned (498-PY).

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  3. SCRIPT Schema, and Example Documents Republished

    Republished SCRIPT/schema for V2017071 and Republished Example Documents for both SCRIPT and Specialized Standards

    Due to reported feedback with the V2017071 schema, Version 20170714 has been republished.

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  4. NCPDP Releases Enhanced Standards

    NCPDP has released enhancements to the existing standards listed below. The standards are available to members in the Member Portal.

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  5. NEW! Billing Guidance for Pharmacists’ Professional and Patient Care Services

    NCPDP recently published Billing Guidance for Pharmacists’ Professional and Patient Care Services.

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