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  1. SCRIPT Implementation Recommendation Guide Updated

    The SCRIPT Implementation Recommendations document version 1.44 has been published.

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  2. SCRIPT Standard Implementation Guides, SCRIPT Schema, and Example Documents Republished

    Republished SCRIPT Implementation Guides; SCRIPT/schema for V2017071; and Example Documents for V2017071 and V2018041 have been posted to the Member Portal.

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  3. Upstream Reporting of Copay Assistance Issues Brief

    NCPDP recently published Upstream Reporting of Copay Assistance Issues Brief. The Issues Brief documents the results of task group research into the topic but does not provide recommendations or solutions. The research includes:

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  4. Work Group Registration is Open!

    The next scheduled session of NCPDP's Quarterly Technical Work Group Meetings is August 1-3, 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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  5. NCPDP Standards Table Data Now Available

    Looking to save time and money?  We have a New efficient way to download the Data Dictionary (DD) and External Code Lists (ECL)!

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