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  1. Invite Your Specialty Pharmacy Contacts to Participate in New NCPDP Work Group

    This month, the Standardization Committee and NCPDP Board of Trustees approved the formation of a new work group for specialty pharmacy: Work Group 18.

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  2. NCVHS Recommends Pharmacy Standards Update

    On May 17th, the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) recommended to the Secretary of HHS to adopt updated NCPDP standards as HIPAA standards:

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  3. UPDATED: Version D Editorial Document

    This document provides a consolidated reference point for questions that have been posed based on the review and implementation of the NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Implementation Guide and Data Dictionary for Version D.0. It also addresses editorial changes made to these documents. Since the HIPAA-named Standards documents are "frozen" from changes, this document provides helpful FAQs, typographical changes and corrections, and further guidelines for implementation. Version D Editorial - May 2018

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  4. Put a Stop to the Chase and Waste in Your Pharmacy Credentialing Process

    Are you at risk for not meeting regulatory guidelines or failing audits with your current pharmacy credentialing process?

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