1. Successful Kickoff for WG18 Specialty Pharmacy

    The first meeting of NCPDP’s new work group, WG18 Specialty Pharmacy, convened last Friday during our August work group meetings.

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  2. Nominating Committee Reviewing Criteria for Board Leadership

    The 2018-2019 Nominating Committee has been proactive by meeting during the August work group meeting and will meet twice more in August to review and refresh the criteria and process for recruitment and selection of Board candidates.

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  3. MLDC Subcommittee Identifying Diverse Paths to Leadership

    While the Nominating Committee is reviewing criteria for Board leadership, a new MLDC subcommittee on Path to Leadership is identifying the diverse leadership opportunities within NCPDP and the diverse paths to leadership, many of which do not lead to Board membership, but are critical to the success of the organization.

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  4. Registration Now Open for NCPDP’s 2018 Educational Summit on SCRIPT

    The January 1, 2020 implementation of NCPDP’s SCRIPT Standard v2017071 is on the horizon.

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  5. NCPDP Standards Table Data Make Maintaining Your NCPDP Standards’ Values and Definitions Simpler

    NCPDP Standards Table Data provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for updating and maintaining your NCPDP Standards’ values and definitions.

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