1. E1 Transactions Must Be Submitted with a Pharmacy NPI Effective 1-1-2019

    Today, pharmacies can submit either their NPI or their NCPDP number as the Service Provider ID. CMS has instructed RelayHealth that effective January 1, 2019 all Medicare Part A/B and D E1 transactions can only be submitted with the pharmacy’s NPI.

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  2. Online Registration Ends 10/26: NCPDP’s 2018 Educational Summit on SCRIPT

    If you are involved in or impacted by ePrescribing, you must attend NCPDP’s Educational Summit on SCRIPT!

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  3. Emerging Professionals Networking Event at November Work Groups

    If you are wondering what a DERF is, getting ready to present your first DERF at an NCPDP Joint Technical Work Group Meeting, or if you are looking for tips on how to present an issue in front of your peers, then you won’t want to miss NCPDP’s Emerging Professionals Networking Event in November!

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  4. SCRIPT V2017071 Certification Exam is Now Available!

    The SCRIPT V2017071 Certification Exam is now available online!

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  5. November Brown Bag Session: Preparing for NCPDP Joint Technical Work Group Meetings

    Being prepared for Work Group meetings is important to ensure you are fully informed on all items vetted by NCPDP members at the meetings, and to participate and contribute to discussions and decisions that have significant impact to your areas of interest, and the industry. 

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