1. NCPDP's EDvocacy Team Meets with Key Policy Makers on NCPDP’s Standards-based Facilitator Model for PDMP

    NCPDP staff and members of the Board of Trustees and Strategic Planning Committee participated in NCPDP’s EDvocacy Tour in Washington, DC this week.

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  2. August Work Group Meeting Materials Available Online

    An overview of work group materials is available online. Attendees are encouraged to review and print the work group materials prior to the work group meetings, as they will not be distributed onsite.

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  3. RSVP for Emerging Professionals Group Roundtable Event!

    The NCPDP Emerging Professionals Group will host an exclusive roundtable with NCPDP’s Executive Vice President and GM, John Hill, during NCPDP’s August work group meetings.

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  4. Get on the Fast Track to SCRIPT v2017071

    The January 1, 2020 implementation of NCPDP’s SCRIPT Standard v2017071 is right on the horizon.

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  5. Coming Soon! SCRIPT Standard v2017071 Certification Exam

    The new SCRIPT Standard v2017071 certification exam is set to launch online in October, and the first in-person exam will be held in November during NCPDP's Joint Technical Work Group Meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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