The complex specialty pharmacy ecosystem relies on antiquated, redundant, and inefficient communication via paper, phone and fax. The lack of consistency and agreement in the industry as to terminology and definitions, often leads to multiple approaches to administration of specialty pharmacy programs and benefits and impedes speed to therapy by days, and sometimes weeks.

    Key leaders in specialty pharmacy met on April 5, 2016 to focus on improving this reality. After looking at drivers for change, the current state of specialty pharmacy, the foundations that have been laid by NCPDP, and additional opportunities to customize and standardize processes, the consensus was that immediate focus should be on measureable, near-term processes that could improve speed to therapy.
    Read about the details of this meeting and the goals established in the document Improving Specialty Pharmacy Speed to Therapy Should be an Industry Priority published in the Specialty Pharmacy Times. It was authored by Gary Rice, Senior Vice President of Clinical, Education, and Human Resources, Diplomat Pharmacy; Lynnae Mahaney, Executive Director, Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation; Anthony Schueth, CEO and Managing Partner, Point-of-Care Partners, LLC; and Laura Topor, President, Granada Health, Inc.

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