That’s right; NCPDP SCRIPT Certification offers bundled savings for groups of three or more test takers at 15% off the total registration fee or 20% off for five or more test takers from the same company. This offer can be used for the online or in-person exam offered during our work group meetings.

    The bundled discount is only available from September 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017 and can be applied to any 2017-2018 online exam, or in-person work group testing before 12/31/2018. Sign up your group today! This discount also applies to any qualified* non-members in your organization.

    Why should you become SCRIPT Certified?

    • Improve Career Opportunities
    • Showcase Mastery of NCPDP Standards
    • Achieve Industry-Recognized Proficiency
    • Increase Credibility with Supervisors and Peers
    • Gain a Competitive Edge
    • Boost Your Resume with Credentials (NSC a.k.a. NCPDP SCRIPT Certified)
    Register your group today by contacting Brian Goerlich, or call 480.477.1000 x109.

    For more information about SCRIPT Certification visit the Certification page of NCPDP’s website.
    Certification in SCRIPT v10.6 will be a prerequisite to become certified in subsequent versions of the standard.

    *A "qualifying" non-member must be referred and registered under an NCPDP member number from their organization.

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