NCPDP's PDMP Solution was featured in   FierceHealthcare in an article about how PDMPs could become more efficient and allow pharmacy providers to more effectively identify patients at risk for opioid dependency.

    Steve Mullenix, NCPDP's Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Industry Relations, and Tom Bizzaro, past chair of NCPDP, described NCPDP’s interoperable model, which uses a facilitator to proactively identify patients at risk for abuse, improving patient safety.     

    “We’re also sending a message to the industry, to the nation [that] we have confidence that if we give accurate, timely information to those healthcare professionals entrusted with the care of patients, and do that in an efficient manner, then they will overwhelmingly do the right thing,” Mullenix said.

    Read more about NCPDP’s PDMP Solution in our 2016 Annual Report.

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