Spending on specialty medicines has nearly doubled since 2010. The increasing volume and varied handling of specialty drug prescriptions has major implications for patients, prescribers and pharmacies.

    There are several changes that must be made to the current ePrescribing workflow within the EHR to accommodate specialty medications. We’ll discuss how new electronic solutions can make it more efficient to get a patient started on a specialty medication.
    After attending this webinar participants will be able to:

    • Discuss the current challenges facing the specialty drug market.
    • Describe the current process of starting a patient on a specialty medication.
    • Explore the opportunities for electronic solutions to increase the efficiency of this process.
    • Outline how these solutions integrate into the current ePrescription routing workflow.
    • Summarize the potential impact to the specialty medication workflow and stakeholders.
    Continuing Education Credits for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be available for this webinar.

    Register today to learn how standards-based technology is influencing the specialty medication market.

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