1. SCRIPT Standard v10.6 Certification: Get Yours Today!

    NCPDP’s Certification Program is officially underway! NCPDP’s formal Standards Certification Program will help professionals, like you, achieve industry-recognized proficiency with a specific pharmacy standard.

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  2. NCPDP President, Lee Ann Stember, Honored As One of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT

    NCPDP announced that this week, its President, Lee Ann Stember, was honored as one of the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT. Health Data Management’s editorial team launched the program in 2016 to give recognition to this under-represented group, and raise the profile of honorees and the importance of diversity.

    “When I first came into the workforce, there were too few women in leadership positions,” explained Stember. “While we have seen progress, it doesn’t happen without actively mentoring tomorrow’s leaders. This is a personal passion, and a wonderful dialogue to have with others who were honored at this week’s Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT event.”

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  3. Updated: Version D Editorial Document

    This document provides a consolidated reference point for questions that have been posed based on the review and implementation of the NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Implementation Guide and Data Dictionary for Version D.0.

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  4. dataQ® Customers: Receive 40% Off HCIdea®

    At our 40th Anniversary Conference, we announced a special offer for current dataQ customers: 40% off the purchase of our HCIdea prescriber data file.

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  5. Congratulations 2017 Member Award Recipients!

    Congratulations to NCPDP's 2017 member award recipients! The announcements were made during NCPDP's 40th Anniversary Conference last week.

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