In response to market demands NCPDP has a number of Task Groups actively focused on ensuring the successful electronic exchange of information related to specialty pharmacy and products. Other task groups may be addressing items that impact specialty prescribing, dispensing or reporting. Please consider joining one or more of the following Task Groups to share your expertise and gain knowledge.

Maintenance and Control Specialty Task Group

This task group is responsible for coordination across all NCPDP work groups addressing specialty related topics. The goal of the task group is to provide a central source of communications and content for NCPDP to ensure that specialty pharmacy stakeholders can monitor activity.

WG 1 Upstream Reporting of Copay Assistance Task Group

This task group will explore options for providing a record of payment made by supplemental payers in order for primary/prior payers to maintain accurate accumulator values.

WG 7 Specialty Pharmacy Data Exchange Sub-Task Group

This task group’s focus is to standardize data sets exchanged (utilization/clinical) between specialty pharmacy and manufacturers to support programs and agreements between the parties.

WG 11 Specialty Requirements for ePrescribing Task Group

This task group’s focus is to identify opportunities to support the exchange of information needed before a prescription can be dispensed. This information is provided by the prescriber (or someone in the prescriber’s office) and includes additional patient demographic and clinical information, order-specific clinical information and instructions related to delivery of the medication (i.e. to the patient or the clinic, nursing services required). This data would be added to the appropriate SCRIPT Standard and/or Specialized Standard transactions, depending on analysis.

More information and instructions for joining the NCPDP Collaborative Workspace can be found by clicking here. You do not need to be an NCPDP member to join the Collaborative or participate in a NCPDP Task Group.

If you are currently a participant in the NCPDP Collaborative Workspace and wish to join another task group, select (check) the desired task group on your NCPDP Collaborative Workspace User Profile. (The User Profile is on the right with Sign In | Sign Out | User Profile.)

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