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Public comments are solicited on proposed new standards and proposals to revise, reaffirm or withdraw approval of existing standards simultaneously with the NCPDP ballot period.

The NCPDP Ballot period opens on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 and closes Wednesday, January 17, 2018. Should you wish to submit an Official Public Comment, the Council must receive your Official Public Comment no later than 5:00 p.m. PST/ 6:00 p.m. MST/ 7:00 p.m. CST/ 8:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. All new explanatory comments submitted on "Object with Reason" and "Accept with Comments" will be reviewed at the next scheduled Joint Technical Work Group meeting, which will be held January 31 - February 2, 2018 in Garden Grove, CA.
  1. Ballot WG110077R

    WG11 ePrescribing & Related Transactions - Data Maintenance Packet, Ballot WG110077R, for enhancements to SCRIPT Standard Implementation Guide Version 2018xx#, Specialized Implementation Guide Version 2018xx# and XML Standard Version 2018xx#.

    This ballot contains the following changes from the listed DERFs:

    • DERF 1510 which requested to remove all references to the time zone element wherever it is used throughout the standard since all date and time elements are transmitted using UTC and to sunset TimeZoneDifferenceQuantity and TimeZoneIdentifier elements.
    • DERF 1511 which requested the modification of OrderGroupReason value IVTherapy to InjectableTherapy
    • DERF 1513 which requested fields in SCRIPT using Boolean values be removed from the ECL.
    • DERF 1515 which requested the schema be updated to include a datatype of an1..35, the name changed to PriorAuthorizationNumber to match the ECL and modification of the annotation to match the definition for all medications for field PriorAuthorization.
    • DERF 1516 which requested a modification to the schema for DoseAdministration as well as the sunset of the element DoseCalculationClarifyingFreeText.
    • DERF 1517 which requested the removal from the ECL of values for fields determined to not have true codified lists. Some fields will only ever be populated with one value, while others would be populated with one value or left blank, depending on the situation. Additionally, fields whose values were not defined in the ecl.xsd would be added to the ecl.xsd.
    • DERF 1518 which requested, in regards to the appropriate use of product concept qualifiers and the expected timeline to sunset unacceptable quantity qualifiers, to replace the existing section of the SCRIPT Implementation Guide with Section 14 of the Implementations Recommendations Document to ensure alignment between the two documents.
    • DERF 1520 which requested the removal of DiagnosisGeneral from the schema.
    • DERF 1537 which requested the addition of a new field MiddleInitial for use by Benefit Integration only. Additionally, a correction to the existing field MiddleInitial will be made to change the name to MiddleName (used by SCRIPT and Specialized) and remove the use by Benefit Integration. Note: For the SCRIPT and Specialized Standards, this DERF serves only as a correction to the Data Dictionary since the correct field name of MiddleName already exists within the schema and implementation guides. For Benefit Integration, the creation of a new field for MiddleInitial will be made within the ballot for Benefit Integration.)
    • DERF 1545 which requested a new <DrugAdministrationRequest> option for <AdministrationTimingUpdate>. The only element will be the EffectiveDate. In addition, <FacilitySpecificHoursOfAdministration> will be added to <DrugAdministrationMedication>. In conjunction with this addition this DERF includes additional <DrugAdministrationMedication> cleanup.
    • DERF 1546 which requested modification to the language in the SCRIPT Implementation Guide for QuantitySufficient.
    • DERF 1547 which requested a definition change to FollowUpRequest, the addition of its use in the RxHistoryRequest, RxTransferRequest, ClinicalInfoRequest, MTMServiceRequest and NewRxRequest messages and the removal of its use in the Recertification message.
    • DERF 1549 which requested updates to the Business Environment section of the SCRIPT and Specialized Implementation Guides to refer to more general terms regarding applicable laws and regulations rather than noting specifically State and Federal regulations.
    • DERF 1550 which requested clarification to the Numeric Representation section of the XML Implementation Guide.
    • DERF 1551 which requested to add PregnancyIndicator to SCRIPT.
    • DERF 1552 which requested to update verbiage in the SCRIPT Implementation Guide regarding use of the Narcotics Addiction DEA Number (NADEAN).
    • DERF 1555 which requested to change the annotation for the Pharmacy element in the schema for only the NewRx transaction to align with guidance published in a previous Implementation Guide

    As of this ballot, the ecl.xsd has been separated from the SCRIPT/Specialized schema and will be used to create the SCRIPT/Specialized ecl.xsd. While the ecl.xsd will continue to be included in the zipped schema file for balloted items, it is not considered part of the ballot and is used ONLY to validate the schema.

    Approval of ballot WG110077R would result in enhancements to the SCRIPT Standard Implementation Guide Version 2018xx#, the Specialized Implementation Guide Version 2018xx# and the XML Standard Version 2018xx#.

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