White Papers

    • Date Published
    • May 2015

    NCPDP Recommendations for Improving Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, Version 2

    This white paper examines the shortfalls of today’s prescription drug monitoring programs intended to reduce fraud and abuse and proposes a new roadmap for PDMP. The recommendations leverage best practices and NCPDP’s existing, widely adopted standards to help states standardize PDMP’s and provide real-time reporting and access to data, giving providers information in a timely manner, across state lines and across pharmacies.

    • Date Published
    • April 2015

    Post Automated TrOOP Balance Transfer (ATBT) Process

    CMS Medicare Part D requires Part D Plan Sponsors to coordinate benefits for up to 36 months. Automated TrOOP Balance Transfer (ATBT) Process covers 17 months of the 36 month requirement. This white paper addresses a process to transfer the balances for the remaining 19 months and is called the Post Automated TrOOP Balance Transfer process.

    • Date Published
    • March 2014

    NCPDP Recommendations and Guidance for Standardizing the Dosing Designations on Prescription Container Labels of Oral Liquid Medications

    This paper provides the healthcare industry, in particular the pharmacy sector, with historical and background information on the patient risks associated with the dosing of liquid medications and recommendations to mitigate those risks through best practices in prescription orders, prescription labeling and the provision of dosing devices. Click here to download the resource document, a companion piece to the white paper.

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