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July 2024
July 10 - 10
This presentation will focus on keeping your plan compliant with IRA regulations by developing required oversight and monitoring processes to minimize audit and financial exposure.
Live Webinar
July 16 - 16
Join us for an update on The Research Literacy and Justice Project (RLJP). This collaborative initiative aims to boost the representation of underrepresented in clinical research.
Live Webinar
July 18 - 18
This session will demystify the notions of AI and Machine Learning, showing how insights embedded in data can be empirically learned, and transform decision making in pharmacy.
Live Webinar
September 2024
September 10 - 10
This webinar will provide you with a high-level overview of the RTPB Standard’s history, purpose, transactions and features.
Live Webinar
September 24 - 24
Learn about the new features and changes between the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard V2017071 and V2023011. NCPDP will share how it can help your organization, plan, test and prepare for the implementation.
Live Webinar