Innovation is in our DNA

For nearly 40 years, NCPDP has led a transformation in the pharmacy services sector by creating and promoting standards for electronic healthcare transactions. Our collaborative, consensus-building process has produced operational efficiencies that save $30 billion annually in healthcare costs, while increasing the safety and quality of patient care.

NCPDP and the pharmacy industry have developed solutions to problems that continue to challenge the rest of healthcare. These include real-time claims adjudication, eligibility and benefit verification, real-time ordering by the physician, and sharing of medication history. The lessons we have learned can be valuable to other healthcare sectors.

Join us in making healthcare better, safer and more efficient.

Pharmacy: A Prescription for Improving the Healthcare System

Learn how NCPDP’s consensus process can provide a model for creating the health information technology (HIT) solutions essential to new reform efforts. This white paper provides a historical perspective on how NCPDP has transformed pharmacy services.