Member Showcase

Our members are the core of NCPDP and we couldn't make the impact that we do without them! Frequent this page to hear directly from our members how NCPDP helps them each achieve their career, organizational, and personal goals.

What would you like to share with others in your industry about NCPDP?

Kim Boyd

Principal Consultatnt

NCPDP Member for 12 Years

Vendor/General Interest

Ashish Patel


NCPDP Member for 3 Years

Vendor/General Interest

Krystal Clay

Senior Advisor, Retail Adjudication

NCPDP Member for 3 Years


Cathy Graeff


NCPDP Member for 22 Years


Chris Mendez

Senior Director

NCPDP Member for 10 Years

Vendor/General Interest

Chris Mendez

Kyle Tucker

Sr. Analyst

NCPDP Member for 13 Years


Jeff Deitch

CEO & Co-Founder

NCPDP Member for 17 Years

Vendor/General Interest

Sarah Sabetta

Manager of Industry
Innovation and Standardization

NCPDP Member for 5 Years