Nominations for the Board of Trustees and the Standardization Committee are now open.

    NCPDP Board of Trustees
    There are three openings for the 2020-2021 Board of Trustees – one position in the Producer/Provider category (pink), one in the Payer/Processor category (green) and one in the Vendor/General Interest category (yellow). Participation on the Board of Trustees offers an opportunity to be involved in high-level decision-making and play a critical role in shaping NCPDP’s future.
    To be eligible, a nominee must be a member in good standing and have demonstrated leadership in NCPDP or in areas of importance to NCPDP. We continue to put a strong emphasis on strategic planning and overall leadership experience as a primary qualification for Board candidates. Passion for NCPDP’s vision and purpose is essential. The Nominating Committee has also identified relevant industry knowledge, industry relationships, and governance experience as important considerations for Board candidates. The Committee also developed a Board position description highlighting roles and responsibilities.
    Trustees serve a term of three (3) years and are limited to serving two (2) consecutive terms. Review further information and submit nominations on the Board of Trustees nomination form.
    NCPDP Standardization Committee
    Standardization Co-Chairs have line management responsibility for NCPDP's industry standards development activities conducted through the Standardization Committee according to procedures described in the NCPDP Bylaws and the Standing Operating Procedures. The Standardization Committee seeks balanced representation of membership categories in its members.
    Review the powers and responsibilities of Standardization Co-Chairs and submit nominations on the Standardization Committee nomination form.
    All nominations are due by December 31, 2019. Please take a few minutes today to submit your nomination for these critical NCPDP leadership positions. Nomination forms are also available on the Member Portal.

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