NCPDP hosted a Stakeholder Action Group (SAG) last month on the heels of its announcement that 100% of the U.S. population had been successfully enumerated with a Universal Patient Identifier, Powered by Experian Health UIM and NCPDP Standards™ (UPI).

    The purpose of the SAG was to determine the next steps to speed adoption and optimize the patient safety benefits of the UPI:

    • Supports Patient Safety - Accurate patient matching makes sure that providers have a more complete patient record for better informed clinical decision making.
    • Improves Interoperability - UPI is transmitted through NCPDP Standards and is not a known number to providers or patients to protect against abuse.
    The SAG helped identify benefits as well as the barriers and obstacles that may impede industrywide use of the UPI and key action items. Among them, NCPDP will reactivate the MC Patient Identification Task Group and update/enhance the existing NCPDP UPI Guidance Document to clarify misconceptions about its transmission. For more information on the UPI, visit

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