The Specialty Pharmacy Data Exchange Sub-Task Group, formally part of WG7, has officially migrated to WG18 to expand use case development opportunities to facilitate data exchange between specialty pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    WG7 published the Specialty Pharmacy Data Reporting Standard in January 2018 to standardize data submitted by specialty pharmacy to drug manufacturers/others to support programs and agreements between the parties.  With the transition of the Specialty Pharmacy Data Exchange Sub-Task Group to WG18, the potential exists for other use cases to be considered, such as reporting to payers and the use of patient-reported data.

    On its first call, participants will review known use cases, discuss other possible use cases for development and begin to prioritize work. Please join the task group Wednesday, October 3rd at 11 PDT/ 12 MDT/1 CDT/ 2 EDT.  Update your user profile today to add this task group and access call details in the NCPDP Collaborative Workspace.  

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