1. Emerging Professionals: Volunteer for Event Planning or Social Media Task Groups

    The NCPDP Emerging Professionals is seeking volunteers to serve on two task forces: Social Media Outreach and Event Planning.

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  2. Promote an Innovative Product, Service or Technology in NCPDP’s Innovation Showcase

    NCPDP is seeking organizations to take center stage at the new NCPDP Innovation Showcase and share their novel products, services or solutions to an audience representing virtually every segment of the pharmacy and healthcare industry.

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  3. WG14 Task Group to Host ONC Project 360x, EHRT Interoperability Discussion with Dr. Holly Miller, M.D. Dec. 10th

    Are you curious about interoperability and ONC-related projects? Do you have a desire to see EHRT systems coordinate care electronically?

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  4. Call for Nominations: Board of Trustees and Standardization Committee

    Nominations for the Board of Trustees and the Standardization Committee are now open.

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