Standards Transition

This page provides information about the transition to the 2009 HIPAA Transactions and Code Set regulations.

White Paper Transition to NCPDP Telecommunication Standard VD.0 - Lessons Learned

The NCPDP Strategic National Implementation Process (SNIP) Committee developed this white paper as guidance to the pharmacy industry as they transition to future HIPAA transaction standards.

Readiness for HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets

June 2011 NCVHS received testimony from the industry on the readiness of the industry for the HIPAA named transactions - the NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Version D.0, Batch Standard Version 1.2, and Medicaid Subrogation Version 3.0 and the ASC X12 5010 transactions as well as the transition to the ICD-10 code sets. Information requested by NCVHS included the key issues found during impact assessments, implementation strategies, training plans and testing and implementation statuses. NCPDP testimony on the industry readiness.

White Paper for HIPAA Implementation of NCPDP Standards

The NCPDP Strategic National Implementation Process (SNIP) created this important white paper to assist the industry in preparations for the implementation of transactions. Click here for a copy.

Telecommunication Standard D.Ø Correction - August 2010

NCPDP has republished the Telecommunication Standard Implementation Guide Version D.Ø as of August 2010. Modifications included Schedule ID Issue, clarification to the Benefit Stage Amount formula for multi-ingredient compounds and a correction to section "Denote Individual Amounts of Patient Financial Responsibility as Reported from a Previous Payer". Details on the modification can be found here.

In October 2010, the Office of eHealth Standards and Security (OESS) of the Department of Health and Human Services published the technical corrections notice on the NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Version D.0 and the ASC X12N 5010 errata. These technical corrections are the modifications made to the implementation specifications that the industry has requested; the final step in the regulatory process is the notice in the Federal Register. Note, NCPDP contacted OESS about several inconsistencies in the notice.

ASC X12N also had corrections to the 5010 Technical Report 3s.

Medicaid Director’s Transition Letter

The NCPDP SNIP Committee reached out to State Medicaid Directors in April of 2011 to provide guidance on issues related to the transition to the NCPDP Telecommunication Standard Version D.0 specific to coordination of benefits processing.

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