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RxReconn® is NCPDP's legislative tracking tool. It offers NCPDP members the opportunity to monitor pharmacy-related state and national legislative and regulatory activity that impacts their businesses. RxReconn® is only available to NCPDP members as a premium, add-on offering. The subscription fee is an additional $2,500 annually.

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Reduce time and resources updating and maintaining NCPDP Standards values with a subscription to NCPDP Standards Table Data. Table Data are machine-parsable raw data that can be imported into your existing applications. You choose the NCPDP Standard and version for the Table Data you need.

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Memberships are nonrefundable, but may be transferred from one individual to another one time in each anniversary year. There is a $100 USD processing fee for the transfer. Whoever pays for the membership owns it. If your company pays for an individual membership for you, the company may transfer the membership to another individual within your company. If you pay for your individual membership, the membership may move with you if you change jobs.