RxReconn healthcare legislation and regulation

Real-Time Tracking and Reporting of Legislative and Regulatory Activity

RxReconn® is NCPDP’s state and federal legislative and regulatory online tracking tool available to NCPDP Members only. A subscription to RxReconn® allows real-time access to industry related issues that can impact your business and profession.

NCPDP contracts with a reputable company to bring you up-to-date and trustworthy information, giving you and your business a competitive edge. RxReconn® is powered by StateScape, an industry-leading legislative and regulatory research and analysis firm.

State-of-the Art Reporting and Management Tools Customizable to Your Business Needs

Through this partnership and as an RxReconn® subscriber, you will have enhanced reporting capabilities and robust features, including:

  • Create and export custom summaries and reports on legislative topics
  • Track upcoming legislative hearings and results
  • Access StateScape's legislative outlook tool
  • Search for bills by key words or bill number
  • Access interactive advocacy map
  • Search social media for legislative news and trends
  • Receive NCPDP weekly subscriber updates on topics important to you

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Searchable Topics Within RxReconn®

  • 340B Program
  • All Payer Claims Database & Cost Transparency
  • Audits
  • Biosimilars/Biologics
  • Coverage Mandates – Drugs
  • Drug Cards
  • Drug Substitution
  • Drugs Returns/Reuse
  • EPCS
  • ePrescribing
  • Formularies/PDLs
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Immunization/Vaccine Administration
  • Internet/Mail Order Pharmacy
  • NDC
  • Opioid Treatment
  • Pain Clinics and Pain Management
  • Pharma Distribution: Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Pricing/Costs/Reporting
  • Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBMs)
  • Pharmacy Claim Billing
  • Prescriber Data
  • Prescription Monitoring Programs
  • Prescriptive Authority
  • Prior Authorization
  • Provider Mandates – Pharmacists
  • SCOPE OF PRACTICE & Licensing (all 4)
  • SDOH
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Taxes: Prescription Drugs
  • Telehealth – Telemedicine
  • Telehealth - Telepharmacy
  • UDI
  • Workers Comp Pharmacy Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for bills using keywords?

You have access to the full bill text, so you can search within bills for certain keywords. However, you cannot search for a bill using those keywords. The topics are meant to give you the ability to search for only the bills that are relevant to you, filtering out everything else.

Does the tool include all bills and laws related to each topic?

RxReconn® is a tool for tracking what is currently happening at the state and federal level. Once the bills become law, they no long appear under topic searches for legislation or regulations.

How much does RxReconn® cost?

An RxReconn® subscription is $2,500. You must be an active member to purchase a subscription.

How often is RxReconn® updated?

Daily, overnight. A team of dedicated staff review bills during business hours, so they are capturing changes all day long. Those changes are then loaded into RxReconn® every night. A user should only experience a day, or sometimes two days, lag from bill update to its appearing in RxReconn®.

What does RxReconn® do?

It allows users to run ad-hoc reports on the current legislative session at the state and federal level. A user can also set up customized emailed reports that are delivered automatically, based on the frequency preference the user selects. For example, a user can get a weekly report of all legislative activity related to healthcare standards.

What is included in the reports?

Reports include high-level information on a bill, such as who introduced it, and when, and a summary of the content. From there, users can drill down to see when new iterations were drafted, as well as the full bill text for each iteration.

What is RxReconn®?

RxReconn® is NCPDP’s unique tracking tool that allows users to search for legislative and regulatory activity using topics identified by NCPDP members and RxReconn® users.

Who can subscribe to RxReconn®?
RxReconn® is benefit for NCPDP members. Only active NCPDP members are able to purchase a subscription.