Work Group Listing

  1. MC Maintenance and Control

    MC Maintenance and Control monitors and maintains the development of NCPDP standards, implementation guides and reference documents, promotes consistent business and technical administration, makes recommendations to the Standardization Co-Chairs on development procedures, due process compliance, as well as ethical and legal matters. MC provides a forum for updates of work group activities, resolution of inter-Work Group issues and discussion of legislative, regulatory, policy, and court decisions which may affect the pharmacy industry.

WG7 Manufacturer and Associated Trading Partner Transaction Standards Goals

    1. Promote NCPDP membership attendance, participation in task group calls and Work Group 7 participation by industry stakeholders via multiple methods, including but not limited to, manufacturer and associated trading partner surveys and other outreach.
    2. Maintain WG7 standards and associated reference guide to include changes necessary to meet evolving business and regulatory needs and, if appropriate, incorporate new technologies and standards.
      1. Manufacturer Rebate Utilization, Plan, Formulary, Market Basket and Reconciliation Flat File Standard
      2. Medical Rebate Data Submission Standard
    3. Provide examples and further explanation of the recent changes to incorporate the Formulary and Benefit Standard into the Manufacturer Rebate Standard. Use results to update the Manufacturer Rebate Reference Guide and build communication on how the standard could be used.
    4. Promote all standards developed by WG7 including increasing awareness, acceptance and use of the Medical Rebate Data Submission Standard.
    5. In conjunction with WG18 Specialty Pharmacy, identify impacted parties and develop requirements and specifications for a new mechanism for trading partners to exchange specialty pharmaceutical information.
    6. Work and align with other work groups to identify the impact of other standard changes on the WG7 Standards.
    7. Monitor WG7 task groups to ensure they are tracking scope, goals, and deliverables. Disband task groups that have completed their work.
    8. Support the MC Maintenance and Control Education-Legislation and Regulation Task Group when new legislation is being introduced regarding issues relevant to the work group.
    9. Review Data Element Request Forms (DERFs) and adjudicate ballots pertaining to standards for which this work group is responsible.
    10. Analyze, develop and execute Webinar opportunities for WG7 in coordination with Educational Programs Advisors Group.

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WG7 Manufacturer and Associated Trading Partner Transaction Standards Scope

  • Work Group 7 Manufacturer and Associated Trading Partner Transaction Standards develops, monitors, and maintains standards for the electronic exchange of data amongst manufacturers and trading partners to facilitate business processes. Additionally, the work group promotes implementation and education of the standards.

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